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  • Where can I find La Morin products?

    You can buy them online or in store in more than 130 points of sale in Canada!

  • Do La Morin products contain gluten?

    Our products have not been in contact with gluten during their transformation in our installations, except for La Morin's Old-Fashioned & Beer mustard which contains traces of it.

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients involved in making the mustard have not been exposed to gluten during the handling by our suppliers.

    We are considering adding a La Morin gluten-free mustard to our product line in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • Do La Morin products contain preservatives?

    Our products are 100% natural and contain no added preservatives.

  • The mustard I bought seems to have changed color. Why?

    Mustard naturally changes color when exposed to air and light. We recommend keeping it in the fridge after opening and limiting exposure to air in order to maximize La Morin's strong accent ;)

  • What is the shelf life of a mustard? Can I consume it after the expiry date indicated on the bottom of the jar?

    The expiry date indicated under our jars aims to guarantee the strong accent specific to La Morin mustards. After this date, the mustard is still edible, but the effect might be less present.

    Be sure to keep the mustard in the fridge once the jar has been opened, to ensure maximum effect during tasting.

  • Are La Morin products sold online?

    Yes! Our partner Un Océan de saveurs sells all our products on its transactional platform and delivers worldwide. Our products are also available online to all Lufa subscribers.

  • Can I order your products and have them delivered to my home?

    You can order our products online and have them delivered to your home. Some businesses and boutiques also offer home delivery services. Contact one of our points of sale to inquire about the availability of these services!

  • I would like to encourage your business, but I don't have much money at the moment.

    No problem! Our team is (also) nourished by your encouragement.
    You can :

1) "Like" our Facebook page

2) Follow us on Instagram

3) Tell your friends about us, in person or on social media

4) Subscribe to our newsletter

5) Rate our products on Facebook

Small gestures that take a minute or two and support our quest to offer great products to the ones you love.

  • I own a boutique or a grocery store. How can I order La Morin products for my business?
    To order or for more information on our products, including prices and availability, contact our distributor Sébastien Jalbert via email at

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